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Flashback: Facebook claims 2012 Donald Trump campaign button violates rules against nudity

Early on New Year’s Day 2016, an administrator of the now-defunct Facebook page “Wake UP, America” said he was told by the social media giant that a photo of a 2012 Donald Trump campaign button violates their community standards for nudity, even though the picture contains no nudity whatsoever. “So I get this message from


USA Today: Trump is right — Big social media sites like Facebook the real ‘enemies of the people’

In an op-ed published at USA Today earlier this month, opinion columnist James S. Robbins said that President Trump is right to criticize big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. “Social media has coarsened public discourse, silenced conservative voices and lowered the quality of journalism. We must do something about it,” he wrote. Calling


Pro-Trump Facebook alternative gives conservatives a ‘site with a purpose’ without the censorship

Are you tired of Facebook censoring and burying conservative content?  Do you want social media to be about more than cat videos or collections of emojis?  If you can answer “yes” to those questions, there’s a solution:, a Facebook alternative that doesn’t censor conservatives and actually serves a purpose other than to kill time