Are you tired of Facebook censoring and burying conservative content?  Do you want social media to be about more than cat videos or collections of emojis?  If you can answer “yes” to those questions, there’s a solution:, a Facebook alternative that doesn’t censor conservatives and actually serves a purpose other than to kill time online with dog and cat videos.

In early February, Rob Raskin, a retired businessman based in Las Vegas, Nevada, told the Conservative Firing Line in an exclusive interview that he started the site because he was tired of Facebook censorship and was more than fed up with seeing complaints and hitting angry emojis.  So he decided to do something about it.

His answer: ProAmericaOnly, a site that not only provides conservative content without the censorship, but actually serves a meaningful purpose, which is to get candidates elected to office who support Donald Trump’s agenda to “Make America Great Again.”

The site, he said, officially launched on January 20, and currently has just under 1,000 users, but he hopes to see that change in the near future as word gets out.  He also intends to reach out to local grassroots organizations as well.

We’ve spent some time on the site and was struck by the complete lack of advertising.  Raskin tells me there are absolutely no ads on the site, nor does he intend to ever place ads — a welcome change from most of the Internet, which relies so heavily on advertisements from Silicon Valley giants like Facebook.  He also said there’s no financial incentive whatsoever and no marketing engines.

“I don’t need to make money from the site,” he said.  “I’m trying to get people elected to seats in the House and the Senate.”

Part of Raskin’s plan is to recruit administrators who will take responsibility for coordinating volunteer efforts and information for their respective states.  An entire section of the site is dedicated to that very purpose.

The idea is to vet candidates to see if they line up with Trump’s “MAGA” agenda.  Those who don’t will be targeted for defeat and those who do will be promoted.

“Our mission is to positively impact the Nov 6, 2018, elections by identifying all Senators and Representatives who support President Trump’s Agenda to Make America Great Again. All Democrats and all identified Rino’s have been marked for defeat,” the site says.

One goal, Raskin said, is to provide a tool for those who volunteer at precincts.  The plan is to make it possible for those volunteers to upload photographic evidence of potential fraud that can be made available to election officials and if necessary, to the public.

So far, Raskin says the site is doing quite well, although Apple is apparently giving him some trouble with their mobile app, which they claim looks too much like Facebook’s.  Raskin, however, says he intends to speak with company representatives to get the situation squared away.  Users who surf the Internet with their iPhones can still access the site through the phone’s browser.

The site’s rules are simple, according to a post dated December 8:

I built this site because I am SICK of FB censoring us, and constantly being worried about being put in FB jail! We are ENTITLED to our PATRIOTIC OPINIONS! That being said, this is a private, Patriotic site dedicated to Making America Great Again! Attacks from liberals and Globalist sympathizers will result in your immediate banishment from this site, so take your best shot because you will only get one chance to be difficult, condescending and/or nasty before you’re cut.

Regular readers of this site know that we have heavily covered social media censorship and the harassment and abuse — including bans, blocks and demonetization — often meted out to conservatives.  We’ve also provided information about what needs to be done to correct the problem and have promoted alternative sites like MeWe,, Social Cross and Tea Party Community.  Conservatives now have another option from which to choose — ProAmericaOnly.

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    Hey, this is Rob Raskin! Thanks for the shout-out! I am SO GLAD I built so fellow Conservative Patriots can gather and share information to get MAGA candidates elected and to watch the slow destruction of the demonrats (yes, spelled this way intentionally!) and the cabal to follow! President Trump is truly Amazing and I couldn’t be more proud these days to be an American and to have Donald Trump as our President! Come visit for a true Conservative platform with no ads, no censorship, no jail, and no insane liberals!

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