FacebookOn Christmas Eve, David Rosler, maker of the faith-based 3D movie “Orbiter,” did the unthinkable.  Like so many others, he posted a Christmas card on Facebook.  Apparently, something about the card triggered the social media giant, which banned him almost immediately after he posted it, Associate Producer Katherine Shell told the Conservative Firing Line in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

According to Shell, Rosler had not been on Facebook for 16 hours prior to this incident.

The ban came on heels of what appears to be underhanded efforts by the social media giant — once described as the “world’s most dangerous censor” — to silence him and stop his project.

On December 12, Rosler, who has worked for more than 35 years as a producer, director, writer, animator, cinematographer, special effects expert, storyboard artist and more for TV, movies and Madison Avenue, said that he had been unable to post in groups, which he characterized as “the heart of crowdfunding on social media…”

“I have been for months attempting to raise a small amount of completion funding for a very original kind of Christian motion picture, Orbiter, a faith-based, live action, stereoscopic 3D science fiction motion picture for theatrical release,” he told the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB).

“Facebook and Twitter both are plainly attempting, with remarkable success, to stifle progress and ruin my business. No ‘glitchy algorithms’ here, just plain old-fashion seek-and-destroy malicious censorship. What Facebook and Twitter have done, with their twin monopolies; one microblogging and the other macro blogging, is to collect the entire world into their control-spaces and then shut out the voices they do like like, basically controlling influence and business successes all over the world, like some kind of electronic ancient Rome at its peak.”

According to Rosler, Facebook has repeatedly locked his account for no reason whatsoever.  This harassment, he said, has been going on for months.

Rosler further said that he can usually get responses when he posts about anything else, but gets no response whatsoever when he writes about his film.

Imagine that…

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