Trump FacebookEarly on New Year’s Day 2016, an administrator of the now-defunct Facebook page “Wake UP, America” said he was told by the social media giant that a photo of a 2012 Donald Trump campaign button violates their community standards for nudity, even though the picture contains no nudity whatsoever.

“So I get this message from Facebook when I logged in this morning and it says I’ve posted nudity on the page,” the administrator said.  “[I]t shows me a photo of Donald Trump’s campaign button (face shot) with no nudity whatsoever. Then I am told I must unpublish the page while it is removed and am asked to log back in. Apparently Facebook doesn’t like Trump real well. I wonder how badly they are harrassing his campaign? We would never think of posting nudity on the page!”

I’m still waiting for Facebook to tell me where, exactly, the nudity is on this.  I’m not holding my breath, however.  Remember, these are people who think a picture of a lilac tree is pornography.

No wonder a growing number of conservative users no longer trust Facebook…

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