Wendy Newby is the wife of Conservative Firing Line Marine veteran owner, Joe Newby. Last week, Facebook disabled her account, claiming that she is not a real person. There has been no action, as of this writing, to reverse their false claim, other than to obtain her profile email address.

Wendy has been on Facebook for many years as herself, and has done nothing to violate the site’s terms and conditions.  She has no extra accounts.

“She’s done absolutely nothing to warrant this and uses FB to communicate with her Sunday School assistants, our family and help share some of our posts.” Joe Newby, Wendy’s husband

Last Wednesay, Joe went to verify her account because she is an admin on the Conservative Firing Line Facebook page. That’s when he learned that Facebook disabled her account, claiming she wasn’t who she said she was. When he followed the link they provided, this is what he found:


Wendy is highly upset at the insinuation, although she would like to know who Facebook thinks she really is, if she isn’t herself.

If you’re not you, who are you? Just wondering.

It is likely someone reported her for some vindictive reason, although since Joe has not had any answers yet from Facebook, no one knows for certain.

The social media giant has been banning, removing, censoring, shadow-banning and in general being ridiculous about conservatives and their posts for a long time. Joe describes their actions as “Orwellian.” That’s an understatement if they are removing people’s accounts as being not a real person. There are myriads of fake accounts on the social media site, but she is not one of them.

Joe Newby is also the co-author of a book that is highly critical of Facebook practices called “Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” with American-Israeli Adina Kutnicki. Amazon link here.

Whether or not his involvement with that book and/or his blog has anything to do with this incident is unknown at this point.

But we can verify: Wendy Newby is a real person who has been on Facebook for many years.

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  1. Matt Logan


    I’m not on any social networks & have no intention of joining any either, being a 71 yoa Vietnam veteran who totally ignores anti-American slurs like those coming from the donkeycrat party faithful & having had to deal w/zealots like Mark Suckerbyrd, Hanoi Jane, ‘n other hippie-era bafoons 50 years ago thru today, who claim to be working for America but really are only servicing their special interest agenda to turn USA into the socialist nation I fought against in the jungles ‘n rice paddies of Southeast Asia 5 decades ago. I’m what Hilary calls a “deplorable,” as politically incorrect as I can be won’t ever back away from helping Donald Trump make America Great Again & proud of being politically independent, beholding to no one..!!

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