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When Trump won, the left wing tech giants vowed to criminalize all sorts of online content.
We see this happening on social media at an alarming rate. These companies enjoy playing judge, jury and executioner. They feel entitled to decide what is acceptable speech. We need to show how strong we are in numbers in order to put the censorship to bed. The more we band together, the more they have failed! Tell us what happened to you or your favorite bloggers. We’d all love to hear your case on Facecrook Jail.

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30 days for fat chick jokes
I’m constantly posting dirty memes for sport, but only in secret groups with like minded sickos. This is nothing new,
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It’s easy to ignore censorship online. Brush it off and pretend it’s not your problem – until it happens to you. Even if you’re not blocked directly, who knows what you’ll never know if one your favorite sites disappears. Either way this can not be tolerated.

Social media is great until you “offend” someone. They report your content and the investigation begins. It’s always an uphill battle from there. It doesn’t matter how much hard work you put into your page when it takes nothing to report a post. This is especially damaging to sites that rely on their audience to survive. Meanwhile, the concept of reporting speech you don’t like is an extremely dangerous concept for society. But who’s to judge?

It’s now clear who is using these platforms to try to influence elections. As opposed to following trends in society, social media companies are attempting to sway things. All while self prompting and making millions on their user’s data.