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Social media is great until you “offend” someone. They report your content and the investigation begins. It’s always an uphill battle from there. It doesn’t matter how much hard work you put into your page when it takes nothing to report a post. We see this happening over and over again. The social media companies enjoy playing judge, jury and executioner when it comes to what is considered acceptable. They’re promoting a dangerous value in society, that “reporting” an outside thought or idea results in that idea being silenced. Facecrook Jail showcases those that have fallen victim to social justice warrior attacks.

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It’s easy to brush off the fact that reporting of posts and selective enforcement have been problems with social media for years – until it happens to you. It can even be funny, but for many being separated from their audience is a punishment that does not fit the crime. Especially for anyone that isn’t politically correct or is otherwise unconventional. But who’s to judge?

When Trump won in 2016, the “extremely left-leaning” tech giants, as Mark Zuckerberg described them, vowed to criminalize additional types of content across the Internet. They claim that people are so easily manipulated by what they see on social media that we must all be protected, from ourselves. These companies feel that they should decide what is to be considered safe in politics and other other aspects of daily life, as opposed to simply following these trends. They’re so full of themselves that they eat up the idea of Russian bots on their platforms supposedly influencing the election. It all makes their platforms seem more relevant than they really are. Meanwhile, by cramming their politically correct agenda down everyone’s throats, they themselves have become nothing more than political websites.

Even if you pay to promote your Facebook page you can still be subjected to censorship. The value proposition is becoming harder to believe, but millions of people use the platform and most small business owners will at least consider boosting or sponsoring a post. Even though it means you have to put a lot of trust into Facebook for the service. You pay them directly. They give you access to their demographics data built from Facebook profiles. Facebook places the ad inside of people’s newsfeeds. As for the ad results, well you just have to take the stats they show you at face value. From a business perspective, it still might seem reasonable, regardless of how political Facebook is as a company. After all, you should reach more like minded people. That’s what social media is supposed to be about. It certainly shouldn’t go drastically wrong but it happens every day. Just take it from our Facecrook Felons.